BB&T Banking
One Triad Building — Winston-Salem, NC

Triad Technologies was selected through public bid by BB&T Banking to provide the following services at 200 West Second Street (One Triad Building) in Winston-Salem, NC.

Remove and dispose of all abandon horizontal Infrastructure Cabling as well as all Riser Cabling on eighteen floors. The combined cabling totaled around 40,000 pounds in weight. This was no easy undertaking because some cabling had to remain in use for fire, security and secondary phone systems to remain functional.

Once the old cabling was removed we install all new Copper Horizontal Cabling, Fiber Riser Cabling, Paging and CATV Cabling & Connectivity on eighteen floors. Each floor consisted of approximately 225 outlet locations and each outlet had (2) Voice and (2) Data outlets.

In addition each floor had approximately 100 Paging/Intercom Speakers and approximately 50 CATV locations. We installed customer’s switches and leg out cables in each closet. This project required a total of the following items to be installed:

  • 3, 240, 000 feet of Category 5e Plenum Cable
  • 16,200 Category 5e RJ45 jacks
  • 1,800 Speakers
  • 1,575,000 feet of RG6 Coax
  • 90,000 feet of 300-pair Riser Cable
  • 450 feet of 24-Strand 62.5 Multi Mode Fiber

Triad Technologies completed all cross connects in the MDF as well as all IDF’s. In addition, we designed and installed a CCTV system with 18 cameras on the ground floor and in the loading deck area.

All work was completed ahead of schedule, certified and with zero issues.